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Decorating your house for the holiday season can become a really   fun family activity, but if you’re not organized when packing the decorations back up again, it can feel more of a chore to sort through all the mess the following year.

 Here are some of the best ways to organize your Christmas decoration storage at home:

1. Christmas decoration storage for ornaments

There are many options for storage when it comes to Christmas ornaments- all shapes and sizes.  If you throw all your ornaments in one box, it can cause damage and possibly destroy them., and some ornaments holds precious memories!

Ornaments that are made of glass or ceramic will be mostly protected if they are wrapped up in tissue paper or kitchen roll before placing them in storage.

You can make use of boxes with dividers so that you can organize the ornaments according to colour and styles and this can give you the option to choose a different colour schemes each year.

Make use of egg cartons for the smaller ornaments for storage purposes as they will keep the ornaments from knocking each other.

Making use of recycled pringle tins are also useful for collating a few precious ornaments.

It will be a BONUS if you kept the original boxes the ornaments came in.

2. Christmas decoration storage for a wreath

A Christmas wreath can be very frail. By squishing it in a box, will damage it’s prime details. Make use of your wardrobe for storage and tie the wreath onto a coat hanger and slip it into a garment bag and hang it up!

Tie your wreath onto a sturdy coat hanger and slip it into a garment bag to hang in your wardrobe for storage.

3. Christmas decoration storage for lights

Who doesn’t love using their lights at Christmas time? We can only imagine how long it must take to hang up all the Christmas lights! People mostly need one set of lights for the Christmas tree- to save yourself from a knotty mess, make use of a coat hanger and wrap the lights around it. Another way to store your lights will be to use a 2ply cardboard box and wrap the lights around it.

 For extra protection, wrap some butchers paper or kitchen roll around the lights for padding.

4. Christmas wrapping paper storage

Keep all your wrapping paper together for every occasion. This will ensure that you don’t have to buy more every year when it isn’t necessary too.  Get another trusty coat hanger and garment bag and place all your wrapping paper inside hanging next to your Christmas wreath.

5. Declutter Christmas decorations before storage

Decluttering is the way to go when you find yourself running out of storage room- especially when the time arrives to take down the Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations.

Get rid of broken Christmas lights, odd unused baubles or ratty tinsels. It will make a fun activity for the family to get some fresh Christmas decorations next year.