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No matter how you divide it, businesses can end up needing a lot of space. This is true whether they are expanding their existing premises, opening new locations or just carrying on their normal operations. Perse, using self-storage comes in handy — business owners can focus on the success of their projects, all the while having useful extra space supporting their projects. While specific needs can vary from business to business, self-storage options can help reduce clutter and keep costs down, plus they are accommodating to use.

Here are a few businesses that can benefit from using self-storage services:

1. Self-Employed Business Owners

Apart from the great perk of independently managing their workflows, many choose to work from home, drawn in by the convenience of reducing their commute time. But the real question is… what to do with the growing piles of invoices and other types of paperwork. Those choosing the path of self-employment resort to renting a self-storage unit to house paperwork or inventory, depending on the type of work they do, can avoid cluttering their homes with business-specific supplies and equipment.

2. Retailers

Also, these businesses need to periodically renew storefront displays in order to showcase new products, something which can challenge the volume of the current space. Instead of changing location, many retailers such as boutique stores or wedding dressmakers can relocate older designs into storage to make room for the new stock in their store. Depending on the region where the business is located, looking into climate-controlled units might also be a particularly good idea.

3. Restaurant Owners

Prioritizing space for the dining lobby is essential in the restaurant industry in order to help make the business profitable. Chairs for event use, special occasion décor, large appliances, and tables are all part of the trade, but it’s challenging to successfully store them all on-site at the same time.

In order to provide adequate space for the customers and the staff, restaurant owners can find it useful to store items that are not in use such as dishware, non-perishable food, kitchen supplies and janitorial supplies. Additionally, a storage unit is a great way to keep a restaurant’s wine supply, especially since some climate-controlled units can provide optimal temperature and humidity levels to help preserve the wine’s qualities.

4. Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are always on the go carrying samples and promotional materials that can easily occupy their garages or their cars. They can stay on top of their business paraphernalia by using storage to temporarily house sales items in between transactions. Some sales representatives use large displays for events, such as tents and tables that also need to live somewhere other than their garages. While some chose to keep some of these items in their homes, having a specified storage spot for business purposes is much more feasible.

5. Creative Businesses

Creative people who make an income selling their unique products usually need amicable space. Regardless of whether they mold clay, chisel statues or paint canvas, it is pretty obvious that all these supplies can take up a lot of space at home. They might have started small but, in time, successful businesses typically grow to become even bigger and profitable. With increased orders comes a higher requirement for raw materials. This is where storing both finished products and the supplies needed to make them comes in handy. Besides all the items belonging to their craft, artists are also business owners and thus could use a self-storage unit to keep their business-related paperwork in.