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Whether food is placed in a fridge or not, food is perishable and as such will rot, stink and normally attract unwanted pests. This won’t just ruin furniture but also attract rodents that chew on other stored items. Even food kept in a refrigerator is not a good idea. Left unplugged it will smell awful when opened and even if plugged in can be prone to a power trip. – and you don’t want to deal with old, rotten, smelly food and unwanted visitors in your storage unit!

Illegal goods (guns, drugs, etc.)

Many self-storage facilities have a close connection with the local law enforcement and allow sniffer dogs on site. Storing of illegal goods is… well… NOT legal. If caught the police will have all of the contact details provided at time of move-in and more than likely CCTV video footage of your visit to the self-storage unit.


All though it is called ‘self’ storage this does not mean you can store yourself. This simply means that living in a self-storage unit is certainly not allowed!


Believe it or not but we have heard of several stories where someone has gone on holiday and locked their pets in a self-storage unit with enough food and water to last a few weeks. Invariably the pet eats all the food and then attempts to escape, making a noise and alerting the self-storage manager. Storing of pets or any live animal is strictly prohibited.

Magazines and newspapers

Though one of the more boring ‘worst things in a self-storage unit’ it is one of the most puzzling. These items have little to no value, will probably never be read again, took time and effort to pack, cost money to box, and takes up space in a self-storage where a smaller unit could have been used and thus money saved. Advice, throw them away and with the money you save you can buy new ones… remember to throw these away too.


Many people moving home trust that they will remove all of their stored items within a month and so often this is not the case. Plants attract rodents and rodents demolish furniture, which is costly. In addition, a plant will not survive long in a self-storage unit with no sunlight or water. It is better to ask a friend to look after them for you and collect them when you are ready to move into your new home!

Important documents

Your ID or passport is not the most ideal place for self-storage. Trying to find a small book in a well-packed self-storage unit is not always easy and requires unpacking and re-packing all of your items. If you default on payments the contents may be sold and you could lose these items. In addition, having this re-issued is costly and time-consuming. Something like a passport should be always kept with you, you never know when you will need it in an emergency.

Flammable goods

Ever seen a self-storage unit burning? Neither have we and that is because we do not allow flammable items to be stored in a storage unit. This can include, paint, turpentine, cleaning materials, and petrol (gas). Check with your self-storage manager as even approved gas canisters may be prohibited. Not only will this endanger your goods but other self-storage units and people at the store can be put at unnecessary risk.