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As the economy slowly starts opening up again, businesses are starting to re-open and return to some normality. For many, moving plans were put on pause during lockdown but can now resume as planned. There are so many ways in which self-storage can be of assistance to ease transitions, and support your post-lockdown move.


1.Property sales are picking up

Moving home at any given time can be a stressful period and especially during these uncertain times!  Many have since faced postponements on their planned moves during the lockdown but now with lockdown restrictions easing, it is time to get packing and start moving. Self-storage is a great way to go when you are in between moving into your new home or selling your home. This gives enough time to slowly decorate your home and freeing up your new home from piles of boxes and other unwanted items.


2. Storing surplus seasonal stock

During lockdown, many businesses and retailers had to close their doors temporarily, putting a shocking break on sales and stock movement. With stores reopening and more goods being ordered again, businesses will need a place to store their extra goods.

Self – storage units are idea for storage of bulk items such as hand sanitizers and additional cleaning products to fight Covid-19!

3. Social Distancing in the office

Social distancing is very important now a days! Rearrange office furniture and the office layout to ensure a safe distance between employees and store the excess furniture!

With the continued developments of COVID-19 we are taking significant measures and precautions at our facility. We are also continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely and remain focused on ensuring that our storage facility is a safe space for our customers and our staff.