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Making use of a small storage unit over Christmas can be super beneficial, convenient and also affordable if you live in a small apartment and have very little room- especially if it’s your turn to host Christmas this year! A storage unit is the perfect solution so that you can find space to fit all your friends, family and food on Christmas Day.

If it turns out to be your job of hosting Christmas Day, you want to impress. So, let’s analyze why a storage unit will solve all your storage problems and help you ace Christmas day!

Reasons to rent a small storage unit over the Christmas period

1. Create space for guests

Making use of a short-term storage unit will enable you to make much needed room for your guests.

You may be hosting Christmas Day in your sunroom or pergola and it may be stuffed with random unused items. Or you may use one of these areas as a home gym, meaning there’s probably equipment takin g over the space. Put whatever isn’t needed on Christmas day into the storage unit and you’ll find yourself with a lot more space to work with.

2. Clear out the spare rooms

Sometimes guests would like to sleep over and often most spare rooms are filled with junk. In these cases, moving your stuff temporarily into a self-storage unit- it could end up in storage for good!

Once your spare rooms are clear, you will need to purchase sleeping materials. If you’re on a budget air mattresses can be a great alternative to buying a bed.

3. Hide presents from your children

Another great reason to make use of a small storage unit during Christmas is to hide your kid’s presents- they will definitely not be able to get hold of them! The presents will also be hudden from pets that likes to chew things up.

Avoid putting presents under the tree and running the risk of them being ruined by the family dog. Store them in a self-storage unit – all problems solved!

Make use of the storage unit to wrap the presents, that way no one will see and ruin the surprise. Then you can leave them in your self-storage unit until Christmas Day.

 4. Who to store with?

You want to make sure that your self-storage unit is reliable and trustworthy.

 You also want a facility that offers month to month storage contracts rather than yearly.

Some important factors are:

  • Safe & secure
  • 24-hour access
  • Pin coded gates
  • Month to month contracts
  • Pest free