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1. Accesibility

When it comes down to renting out a storage unit, nobody wants it to be a big mission to get in and out of there. A storage unit should be easliy accesible.  Choose a storage facility that is close to you. An easily accesible storage unit also gives you access to your items continously and whenever you need them. 

2. Security

The most important part of a storehouse is its safety and security. Security measures differ according to the geographic location, the facility policy, the cost, etc. Knowing that your belongings are well-stored and safe can put your mind at ease.

Before you obligate yourself to a particular storage unit, you have to sure you have looked at its facilities and whether they match your needs and requirements. Secondly, compare the same with its competitors to make certain it is the same unit you are looking for in terms of amenities, prices, location, etc. A well-equipped storage security will guarantee that your belongings are safe and sound and this could be done in several systems:

  1. Perimeter Fencing: Perimeter Fencing  is important to make sure that your storage unit is safe and will also include security to access your unit.
  2. Video Surveillance: Some find the concept of Video Surveillance silly, but this is actually a super important security measure to implement! Recorded footage can show you who and has entered your storage unit and also when. This comes in handy when there are suspicions of theft or burglary.
  3. An alarm system is also a good idea to have installed. This allows your unit to have 24/7 security when you aren’t accessing your storage unit.
  4. Security that are available 24/7.

Collect A Store has the additional advantage of being located in ASLA Park, A well known Business Park with 24/7 Security and access control at the gate.

3. Cleanliness of your Storage Unit

A good indicator of the quality of a storage facility is the strength of their security. The same goes for cleanliness. If a storage facility doesn’t take pride in the appearance of their facility, what value will they place on the goods you are storing? 

Paying attention to the cleanliness of your storage unit is so important! There are alot of threats that may arise if you don’t do so.

For example; Leaks in a unit can cause really high humidity levels which can create mold on the walls an even on your belongings and humidity can also lead to damped air. Mold can attract all sort of pests that can be very damaging to your belongings.

A clean storage unit is a safe storage unit! Garbage can also  create an unpleasant odor, which will attract a lot of pests and insects. Rubbish can be damaging to your items, which is why keeping your storage clean is of utmost importance.


4. Convenience

For people with time-restricted commitments, self-storage units are a convenient way of keeping items and belongings. Here are some reasons as to why a self-storage unit would be convenient for you:

1. Twenty-Four Hour Access

2. More Space on your Residential Property/ Business Property

3. Security and Versatility

5. Unit sizes that suits your requirements

Once you have come to the realization that self-storage is the solution to your storage needs, you need to establish what size of unit is best for you or your company. While you may want this to be a speedy process, it’s well worth the effort and research to consider not only what size unit will best suit your situation and needs, but also the facilities offered by the storage facility.

Make a list of all the items you plan to stoare away. Once this has been done, it will give you a clearer picture of the type and size unit you will need access too. Also take into consideration that you have to be able to move inside your storage unit, so allow enough space in between belongings and don’t clutter up the unit. nobody wants to contstantly unpack and repack everything everytime they need access to something!

6. Friendly staff to help you with your journey

Cosumer service is also a very important thing to look out for when choosing a storage unit. When there is a friendly atmosphere people relax and are more able to be themselves. Friendly staff that knows what they are doing helps make the process so much easier and hassle free.

Also take in account that  great customer service can increase customer loyalty, the amount of money each customer spends with your business. … and customer’s can generate positive word-of-mouth about your business to other people. 

Trustworthiness also falls under this category- you want to be able to leave your items somewhere you are not going to be worried about.

7.  Collection & Delivery

  • Collect A Store offers a unique Collection and Delivery and Mini Move service.
  • Our professional drivers and staff will ensure your goods are transported safely.
  • When we transport your goods we also pack it into your storage unit.
  • Collect a Store offers students the opportunity to keep belongings in storage for when they have to evacuate the Rez over holiday periods, and for your convenience, they collect and deliver.



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