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Here are 8 Tips For Storing Your Camping Gear In A Storage Unit:

1. Make Sure Gear is Easy to Access

No matter what, the number #1 Rule is to make sure it’s easy to access

2. Make Sure Everything is Clean and Dry Before Packing

This prevents your gear from molding and attracting unwanted pests.

3. Vacuum Out the Tent

Trust me – You don’t wanna set camp again and have everything still full of dust, grass, and sand! The best way to make sure the tent is completely cleaned is to set it up in your yard and vacuum it out with a handheld vacuum or shop vac.

3. Invest in a Few Clear, Portable Bins

Clear bins with lids will keep your gear protected and dry, make everything easier to transport and keep things much better organized.

5. Hang Sleeping Bags Instead of Rolling Them 

Make sure your sleeping bag ‘breathes’.  Rolling them up will do just about the opposite.

6 Remove All Flammables & Store Separately

All flammable items should be emptied out and containers need to be completely separate from other items.

7. Remove Batteries

Batteries can leak which will cause an unwanted mess.

8. Compartmentalize & Label

There are a lot of smaller bits and pieces involved with camping equipment. Nesting (putting smaller containers inside a larger container) makes it easier to get everything together and go.

Collect A Store:

You’ll find Collect A Store in a thriving commercial and residential area the Helderberg in the Western Cape. Our unique collection and delivery service makes us your first choice in self-storage. Our Owner Managed facility will exceed your service expectations, we make deals happen!. 

Contact Collect A Store today to reserve your fully secured storage unit today. Simply choose your storage unit and occupation date, and let us handle the rest. Our secure self-storage consultants are just a phone call away to answer all your queries…


  • Collect A Store offers self-storage at our state-of-the-art facility in Asla Park, Strand in Western Cape.
  • We have a multi-level building with heavy goods lifts and trolleys.
  • We offer 24 Hour security with CCTV and armed response.
  • Self-storage units range from 1 Cubic meter to 35 Square meters.
  • Vehicle parking bays are also available.

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