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How Self Storage can help an online / E-commerce / small / startup business

Is your home becoming chaotic with paperwork and stock? Do you have files scattered across your lounge and kitchen counter? If this is the case, it’s probably time to start contemplating about moving your at home business elsewhere, or at least some of it!

Depending on what your small business is and what your storage provider allows. A commercial storage unit can provide you with all of the features you need to run your business competently. Using business storage will mean less disorder in your home and more space for storing business materials such as; files, documents and stock. As well as provide you with more ‘office’ space at home and allow you to be more structured.

Commercial storage can be a great option for small, E-commerce or online businesses. However, if you’re thinking of broadening your small business it’s great to look into your possibilities first and what it is that you actually need. Here are some great guidelines and information to help you choose what’s best for you and your business.

Talk to your commercial storage provider

It’s best to review with your storage provider what it is that you can and can’t do with your commercial storage unit. Some storage facilities may give you consent to have customers come and go as you like, and some may not. For example, a storage unit can be great if you’re running a small thrift shop. If your commercial storage provider lets you, you can meet customers and conduct sales out of your unit. However, you need to talk about this first and garauntee that it’s okay to do so.

Pros of using business storage

Choosing to use commercial storage for your business will not only be to your advantage, but it will also benefit; your house, the people living with you, and of course, your business. Running a business from home can be overpowering and eventually you will run out of room. Renting a self storage unit will help you to declutter your work space and shape your inventory, as well as a range of other things. Not to mention it’s also budget friendly.

Reduce Clutter

Your at home space for your small business may be jam-packed full of additional stock, equipment and documents. In manysituations, these items are often unused and not needed on a daily basis. Using business storage is a great way to declutter and also helps to create more working space for your home office. Furthermore, a commercial storage unit can be great for storing; documents, archives, stock and old office equipment. As well as a range of other materials.

Security Features

Increase your peace of mind by knowing that your expensive stock and important documents are safe and secure by using CCTV surveillance, key coded gates and other security features

Convenient and Flexible

Using commercial storage can be handy and flexible. Most storage facilities offer 24hr access, meaning you can come and go as you please. This can be super favorable to your business, especially if your home is nearby. Self storage can also be convenient as your customers can visit you at your storage unit (if your storage provider allows it) rather than your home. Therefore, helping you to keep your work and home life separate.

Cost Effective

Self storage is probably the most cost effective solution to your home-based business. Disregard those expensive power bills and committing to a long term rental contract. When using commercial storage, you don’t have the strain of paying power bills, water bills or any other cost that would come with renting a small building. All you have to worry about is paying your monthly fee.


Businesses you can run from a self storage unit

General Business Storage

Whether you’re working from a big or small office, running out of storage room can often be an problem. Storing your; excess stock, archives, files and previous business equipment is a great way to free up the area in your office. This could also be a great way to make room for another employee if needed.

Online Business

Running an online business from a small or at home space can be tough. Whether it be on Ebay, Etsy or even a business through an Instagram account. You’re going to need space to not only work, but to also store your stock. A commercial storage unit can be a great way to keep your stock organized all in the one place. As well as ensure that it’s safe and secure at a storage facility. Furthermore, you could use your storage unit to sort through stock, pack products ready to send, or even as a photo studio for your products.

Handy Man

As a handy man you may have a lot of pricey tools and work gear that probably takes up a lot of space at home. If so, a commercial storage unit can be a great place to store all of these items. This can be super useful if your home is far away from the location’s you usually work at. Choose to use a storage facility in a suitable location, that way you can stop in and grab tools as you need during your work day.

Second Hand / Thrift Store

Depending on laws and what your storage provider allows, you could run a thrift shop out of your commercial storage unit. A storage unit could be beneficial because you can store your stock as well as encounter customers and conduct sales from. This would be a much more cost effective alternative to renting a small building. Plus you could choose from a range of storage unit sizes. Furthermore, a commercial storage unit would also be great for solely storing excess stock.

Property Styling & Home Staging

Commercial storage can also be a great substitute if you’re running a small property styling business. Renting a large building can be expensive and it can sometimes be difficult to find one in the right location. Furthermore, a storage unit would not only be cheaper, but also be more convenient as you can choose a location closer to where you . This way you know that your expensive furniture and decor is safe and secure and you can come and go as you please.

Time to move your business in to commercial storage!

As mentioned above, using self storage for business purposes can be advantageous for many reasons. It’s safe and secure, more convenient, cheaper and you have entry to  your goods whenever you need. Commercial storage is great for businesses such as; thrift shops, handy mans, online shops and home stylists. Plus many more!

Lastly, prior to renting a storage unit you should always check with the self storage manager on what it is that you can and can’t do from your commercial storage.