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You only start to realize how much belongings you have once you need to pack some of them up, and you also start to realize you don’t want everything in your place but also don’t necessarily want to get rid of anything. This is where a storage facility is a great option for you! You can store belongings in the facility until you decide you are ready to have them back not your space. Although, there are a few essential factors to consider when keeping items in a storage unit… and one is knowing what can and can’t be placed in a storage unit.

Read on to find out what should not be included in your storage boxes:

1. Food

This is probably one of the most ignored safety rules of storage facilities. You simply don’t know how long you might require a storage area. Leaving food in a storage facility is not a good idea – it will rot and grow mold. Food can also attract rodents and unwanted insects and these unwanted creatures can damage your other belongings, too!

2. Plants

Plants in a storage unit isn’t always a solid case. Just as you wouldn’t leave your pet in storage, you also shouldn’t place plants. There are no fresh air, water, and sunlight in a storage unit, and these are essential for plants. Leaving plants in a storage unit will kill them – if you don’t want to keep them at home, give them away.

3. Scented or wet items

They do not advise you to leave put any scented or damp items into your storage. Strong smells usually attract insects, rodents, pests, or vermin to the sight of the scent. These living things will surely damage everything you have stored in your unit. Examples of things to definitely not put in a storage unit is products with scents such as shampoos, lotions, perfumes, and so on. Any damp or wet items will also start generating mold and mildew. This bacteria will spread in your storage unit and will likely damage everything you have stored. Dry off items before packing them away.

4. Explosive, toxic, or combustible items

Explosive, combustible, and toxic items are dangerous and should never be kept in storage. These items must always be kept in a place that is safe to store them. Remember, you also must consider the other storage units around yours – they put yours and everyone else’s belongings in danger. Some dangerous items are paint thinners, gasoline, motor oil, propane tanks, cleaning solvents, paint, alcohol, corrosive, and fireworks. Not only is it dangerous to your belongings but also the people around the facility such as workers.

5. Radioactive materials or equipment

Anything that is even slightly radioactive should not be placed in a storage facility and many medical supplies contain radioactive materials. If you are planning on storing medical supplies, make sure to check with your supervisor to see if any of them are radioactive. While a small number of contaminated supplies won’t be dangerous, a great quantity of them can be.

6. Firearms and ammunition

Most storage unit Firearms forbid you to store firearms in your storage unit. There are some storages that allow firearms, but make sure to check carefully before you pack. Ammunition is strictly banned from all storage facilities. This is because they fall into the combustible material category, which can be incredibly very risky and unsafe. There are storage units that specialize in firearm storing.